Fonts I have modified or created.

KomiK9 (Sample)

Based on Komika. While it is a decent free alternative to professional fonts, the original design has various flaws (no i without crossbars, broken dashes, lack of European characters with diacritics, etc.). This font is not sanctioned by the original creators and should not be used commercially.

Mango (Sample) (As seen on Kaiser Comic’s logo) (Russian version) (Ukrainian version) (Vietnamese version)

Based on my (2018) handwriting. This is my very first font, which I initially did to typeset moans and asides, though I no longer use it. Leading might be too hard to set to make it suitable for regular dialogue and some pairs of characters will conflict a little, thus requiring some tweaking for the best result—rather see this font as a raw set of characters to work from! Always use optical kerning except for numerals, and for a better effect, set tracking to −10! Since I was asked a few times already: yes, it is free for commercial use, but feedback is appreciated—I would be thankful if you linked me whatever you use it for!

In 2020, both a Russian port (by Lyajka) and a Vietnamese port (by Lilith) were done, followed by a Ukrainian port in 2023. I was not involved in any way nor informed of such projects, I am simply providing the resulting files (without any guarantee) for everyone’s convenience.

Your Highschool Crush (Sample) (Vietnamese version)

This project is based on a set of glyphs I drew in 2019; it’s nothing fancy or amazing, but it was a great learning experience! The font has some ligatures to make your life easier (<3 → ♥ | … → … | — → — | =/= → ≠ | (c) → ©…), neat alternates upon highlighting (* brings up ★☆•※💢), as well as various sets of rules for crossbar i and a couple of problematic pairs (tt, ff, ll). Enjoy!

In 2022, a Vietnamese port was done by Sora JR. I was not involved in any way nor informed of such a project, I am simply providing the resulting file (without any guarantee) for everyone’s convenience.