Fonts I have modified or created.

KomiK9 (Sample)

Based on Komika. While it is a nice free alternative to professional fonts—which are harder to get—, the original design has various flaws (no i without crossbars, broken dashes, lack of European characters with diacritics, etc.).

Mango (Sample)

Based on my (2018) handwriting. This is my very first font, which I did to typeset moans and asides. Leading might be too hard to set to make it suitable for regular dialogue and some pairs of characters will conflict a little, thus requiring some tweaking (tracking, leading, etc.) for the best result—rather see this font as a raw set of characters to work from! Always use optical kerning except for numerals, and for a better effect, set tracking to -10! Since I was asked a few times already: yes, it is free for commercial use but feedback is appreciated, I would be thankful if you linked me whatever you use it for. 🙂